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Do you want to buy Pigeon diapers for your charming baby ? As we know Pigeon is the sign of peace ! The brand name, PIGEON, discovers from its trustworthy hope for a peaceful and hapiness for all babies. The company sign consist of two hearts, it means one heart for mother and other tiny one for her baby. Currently, the Pigeon is the leading name for the baby's products in market.

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  • It is neither germicide nor bonding.
  • It is make from breatheble fabric-like sheet.
  • It has hardly and tougher tear during use.

With the help of Pigeon diapers, you can protect your baby's soft skin from irrittation effect chemical substances. It gives Excellent air-permeability, which prevent your baby from diaper rash. It permits for easy disposal after use. It provides you to adjust and re-adjust the cotton simply and also make sure a comfortable fit every time. It comes with absorbent gel, which keep baby's skin dry and smoot. It comes in different attractive colors and shapes, which satisfied your baby need most and make your baby happy and healthy.