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Parents are not that much conscious of making their child for Potty training as they feel that child has not been yet developed to use it. Most of the parents are using diapers even the child becomes age of three to four years as they think that diaper is right thing for the child.. But they have to change this type of mentality, if they want their child's development. They should buy Potty training for the baby when they become age of around 18 month to 20 month. This period is best as they develop to walk and sit. Parents should buy potty training to make their child physically and mentally strong.

Parents can buy potty training kit from market and start giving them training. There are various kit available which are specially designed for making child to do potty of their own. You have the option of child sized potties or even a special child-sized seat for the toilet. While you can get picture book or DVD to capture child interest and even toy where they can enjoy playing with it. Next you have to make routine for your child . As child imitate very easily you have to guide and make them follow what you do . While seeing you they will also do same thing. Make sure to teach same in playful ways so they enjoy it . Train your child by making regular trips to the bathroom until the baby is comfortable with the surroundings. Explain all the training procedure. This will almost take around couple of days or couple of month.

You can buy potty training from various store or also on from the shopping sites. You have many kind of potty training kits available which can be chair shaped, can be in the form of toys like baby scooter potty training toy, potty bench structured. According to your child interest you can choose potty training kit. Develop an habit of using potty training at earlier age between one to two years and make you child development fast.