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Do you want to buy SAPs diapers ? The SAPs stand for Super Absorbent Polymers in diapers. The SAP is also known as “slush powder”. This polymers can consume and retain large amount water relative to own weight. The Super Absorbent Polymers are made up two formulas such as solution polymerization and suspension polymerization. It is distributed throughout the fluff pulp. Its used 100% pure natural cotton and convenient processing. It has been released with your particular needs in mind. It has good-quality seperabsorbent polymer. And it is particularly designed for your baby's diapers.

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  • It is sustaineble, eco-friemdly, and unique.
  • It derived from bio-based superabsorbent technology.
  • It is environmentally feasible.
  • It is easy to use, non-toxic and safe.
  • It covers with soft breatheble cotton.
  • It comes with refastening tape.
  • It provides leak guard and Elastic waistband.
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It has standing inner guard, which protect from leakage. It keeps baby skin dry for a long time. It consumes water effectively and lock it away, putting the surface dry and fit for baby wearing. It keeps baby's skin safe from bacteria. And it is realy different from other diapers because it is also chlorine-free diapers.