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Do you want to know, why should you buy Wipro diapers ? Wipro understands the necessity mother and gives a complete baby care of diapers. It makes mother responsibilty to easy and simple. Wipro has released new variant to its popular fabric feel diapers. It has designed with unique formula which fastly draws moisture deep into the diaper. It is newly product of Wipro with natural cotton, which keeps baby dry for a long duration. It reserves the child's skin arid and comfortable. It is specially designed for child's sensitive skin.

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  • It comes in different shape such as Wipro Dry care diapers M5/M/L.
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  • It has anti bacterial absorbents.
  • It is easy to use and elasticized for snug.
  • It has super Gel absorbent system.

It is one of the best diapers because it comes to leak guards, fastener quality and dryness. It contains every thing very well and better choice for your babies in compresion to other diapers availble in market. And due the presence of anti bacterial absorbents provides maximum prevent against stuffiness.